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We have to adapt and we remain open to, and even then we are the best when we go forward to the change. If we start from our homes, in our wardrobe, desk, etc. site. discarded tidy, it is taking place in other areas of our lives is much easier transformations will be gone. If we can work together with the heavenly powers, you can smoothly and painlessly metamorphosis takes place. How everyone should work together, symbolized by the planets of the solar system forces, we have now taken over all 12 tickets for.

Aries (March 21 to 20 April):

Almost in their lives will not be an area that does not go through some changes. In addition, these radical changes promise, which means that the region has no place on. They should take note that what « the shelf life has expired, » it should be discarded. All this shows Pluto, which is famous for its kíméletességéről. His projected transformations always break up with elemental power, a force, there is no chance to go against. But the rams should also know that the old rather than the new right there! Therefore, it should not hold back anything and anyone. Apply the wisdom of the ancient proverb: « He who wants to go, we must help the coat. » It’s personal and life situation (eg work, housing etc.) Can be relevant.

The years of very tense start. Fatigue and overloading may occur conflicts and diseases. The latter, if dissatisfaction with the choke and can not be spelled out. All contact poison against them, if you do not allow it. Of course, you need to communicate intelligently, but the emotions are not censured. One of the virtues of rams that are full of fire and enthusiasm. It need not – and should not – to change!

In the spring it can be a love of friendship. First, they should be careful not to misunderstand signals, on the other hand they love do not mix up the growing sense of love. Unpleasant situation may be in this predicament. The clarification possible as long as the feelings have not completely put around the power rams.

In summer lucky and unexpected journey awaits them. Do not töprengjenek much, but jump in the option due to the plunge! embrace « He who dares, wins » this basis, hence the difficulties associated with home will be easier to manage. The parents and family members be patient and listen to their needs! The apartment is not renovated Schedule for summer, but possibly not the fall! In this respect, it seems much more favorable end of the year.

In autumn joy of a child in relation to access to the rams. Or your own child or a family for a younger relative warming their hearts. Unfortunately, it seems predisposition to the disease as well. Do not pressing for themselves too! Take care of your meal! Do not eat in haste, and even if you are nervous, because they eat the tension!

Towards the end of the year are expected successes topics related to foreign captains, higher education field and legal matters. Now, do not spare me, but feel free to throw themselves into, and the results do not stay away!

2009 could be the most successful and luckiest year of life, when the risk of fire and enthusiasm left in them to manifest, or if the changes voluntarily and gladly accepted!

TAURUS (April 21 to 20 May):

Taurus-they born in every field and every aspect will reach peaks. Almost all they succeed, whatever it will be. Everywhere recognition and praise they get. Whatever the problem is in front of them, ready to find a solution. Any worries nyomasztaná them immediately comes to help from somewhere. If you are optimistic, open-minded this year, there is nothing to cause headaches for a long time, and nothing was an obstacle. A characteristic feature of their diligence, perseverance and dedication this year, tangible success to them. The only thing difficult in all of this: If you are impatient, because there are times during the year, which is not solved overnight. They’ll need to remind themselves that « more sense than force » – that is often the time and creativity to bring the solution and not the will. They should allow themselves to sometimes confusing situations cleansed take off. Throughout the year celestial ask for help, something like this: « Please, Lord, give me strength to change it to be changed! Give me patience to endure can not change! And give me the wisdom to be able to distinguish the two from each other!  »

Earlier this year, the Bulls are full of energy. They will be virtually inexhaustible. This can help a lot of people around them. Faith, hope and vitality may just think they are, and they are present. Do not legyintsenek this « little thing » because more people will be the ones filled with concern look forward to the new year!

LEO (July 23-August 22):

The couple are in their relationship to the Leo-born big decision. They have to decide whether to assume their choice. If so, they must give the signal of their commitment. If not, they need to go further. I’m not sure that it will be given an opportunity to prepare, so we just have to reflect on how to proceed. Maybe publicity or litigation matter and also it is time for clarification. It ended a period when others depended on these things. The Lions finally in their hands can control. They’ve been waiting for this. But success will only count if it is sufficiently prudent and wise move on.

Earlier this year plunge to jump into work. More provocation, attacks also have to defend but not to worry, because in recent years, said the preparations. It’s time to prove that suitable and even ready for bigger challenges. « Let me play the lion too! », They say style.

In the spring material losses can reach them when making decisions too fast and reckless. Try not to take out a loan and do not give loans! Try to their available frames farm. They may make an exception if they travel or work abroad will be possible prospect, which certainly will be returned. If this is so, then they vágjanak!

Early summer occupational stress can cause a greater or lesser headaches. If you overload themselves, they are not that they can not fulfill, but even down betegedhetnek. Therefore, we must find the tempo that have sustained. Nothing and no one can carry them as they are themselves. We need to come to the successes and the recognition does not depend on whether they agyonhajszolják themselves, but rather the fact that their prime, healthy ability to present it when it’s time. Sick and tired will not be able to convince their boss that they are the most professional on the subject …

In summer treat with caution the friendly advice! Examining the specific proposal coming from someone! The road to hell is paved with good intentions! Not sure if the person is aware that what he was saying and what is its effect, and therefore must be replaced by the lions can also be sensible.

In autumn, on the one hand the finances pose a problem again. Judiciously and responsibly decide on such matters. On the other hand – they may not pulled any more time – because of the relationship tensions increase. They have to say that together or separately. If there is no mate, do not force this issue! Wait patiently as this is an area that does not depend on their decision! …

At the end of the year to be extra careful in traffic. There is no issue that’s worth it to run to, and break up themselves. Be careful of beszédükkel too! Do not say anything revoke their unfounded! Rather report on ten before dropping anything into their mouths!

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